Thursday, May 19, 2011

My life, My home - an interview.

Today I am interviewing Georgie from St John's Wood, Q. 
If you aren't already following Georgie's blog please do! 
Georgie and her family were originally from Sydney but are now living on a farm in Queensland, which looks idyllic.
Her posts are just gorgeous and full of details of her gorgeous home, children and inspiration.
my life
My first hobby was.... horse riding. I first sat on a horse at 18 months of age (an extremely slow and trustworthy horse!) and it was my one obsession until I was 10. I have wonderful, fond memories of my pony club days and my trusty four-legged friends, Lizard and Piccolo. I can't wait for my girls to have a horse of their own.

My style icon  is.....I take fashion inspiration from everywhere, just as I do inspiration for our home. I do, however, identify with Kate Middleton. Her casual look is simple style. Now that it's nearly winter its not too many patterns, boots over jeans, fitted jumpers, subtle jewelry and a beautiful handbag.

I love to read..... full stop. 

My signature scent is.... blood, sweat and tears. When I'm not gardening, however, it'sEstée Lauder's Pleasures, so feminine.

I like clothes that are..... natural. Cotton for summer, wool for winter with the odd touch of silk. 

I feel naked without ....... my children. 
It's such an odd feeling to go out sans children, to walk at my own pace, head up instead of focused on the little ones in front or trailing behind me, handbag void of nappies, water bottles, wipes, snacks, the toy du jour. I only enjoy it for about five minutes and then I find myself racing home for that little bit of chaos.
my home
My look is.... collected. We have everything from an inherited desk and dining table to Ikea bookshelves to roadside and Ebay finds to a delicious chocolate leather Chesterfield chaise for our library from Coco Republic ( in Sydney. I'm always drawn to black, white and shades of cream so everything just 'fits' together. 
    I love my ...... Apple laptop. 
    I've got my eye on.... a large mirror with an ornate white frame for         the end of our hallway. It will bounce light from the main bedroom and act as a sort of communal full-length mirror. 
My prized interior possession is..... we have so many! When Mr SJW and I returned from London together nearly 10 years ago we had a beige 1987 Nissan Pintara, a microwave, a teeny television and just enough cash for a deposit on an apartment to rent in Sydney. We've built up bits and pieces from there, mostly with careful consideration, and I love every piece we have from the cutlery to the art to the furniture.
When decorating you cant go wrong with...... leather sofas. My gorgeous children must have spilt a million litres of milk and other assorted bits on them but you wouldn't know it. Ours are chocolate brown and I will only replace them when they have fallen to pieces, hopefully not for a long time yet.

 I collect.... glass bottles and books. The Italian soft drinks from the supermarket, vintage milk bottles, olive oil bottles, wine bottles just for display or to use as vases... I just can't throw them out. And books, always books. I have so many still from childhood, as does my husband, and our girls would rate them amongst their favourites for sure. A good book is a timeless investment.
Thanks so much for taking part Georgie. 
It was lovely to have you here on honey and fizz.
Have a gorgeous day everyone! 
Make sure you pop over and say hi to Georgie :)
Simone xx 


  1. Oh pesky blogger lost my comment! I was just saying that I discovered Georgie's blog only a few days ago, so that was great. So many things in this interview I agree with. I like the idea of decorating a home with things that mean something to you. Lovely interview!

  2. Good interview. I have been following Georgie's blog for a short time and it is so good to learn more about her. So many things in common with me besides the name. One of which is I love to collect bottles and books too. G

  3. Love the top photo Simone... what a gorgeous steed! Thank you for having me on your wonderful blog, lots of fun! gxo

  4. I enjoyed this interview very much Simone AND Georgie. I am an avid follower of Georgie's blog already, but it was a lovely insight finding out a little bit more :o)
    That first pic of the horse & model is the most divine thing ever!

  5. I love these interviews, Georgie especially - she's one of my fave bloggers.

  6. thanks for such a lovely interview- i too, have been following Georgie's blog and stories of her move to the country for a while now...
    these were some of the things i'd wondered about...don't you love getting to know someone a little bit more....

    melissa x

  7. What a great idea for an interview..she is amazing yes!

  8. Sach a great interview, Thank you for having me on your wonderful bed sale UK


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