Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My latest hobby :)

I am really enjoying creating photo books lately :) I created this photo book for my mum for Mothers Day.

She really loved it :) (although mum is always going to love anything I "make" for her!)

I loved making it so much I am in the process of doing one for myself and I know what the grandparents will be getting for xmas!

I think these might take the place of my photo albums.
 (I am still one of the few people that print my pics out and put them into albums!)

How about you?
Any photo books at your place?

Have a gorgeous day!

Simone xx

PS - As you know I have been nominated in the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers competition. I'd love you to pop over and vote, if you haven't already :)


  1. great idea..did you do it with iphoto?
    cheryl x

  2. Looks lovely - I have always wanted to make a photobook xx

  3. They are the best idea arent they...and look awesome! I really need to start putting together more little memory books like these of Jacq..Im so slack with not having many of him at the moment...all our pics are on file...bad mum I am ; /

  4. I've wanted to sort our photos into something like that for a long time. But I have 8,000 to sort through! I think I'll wait until next year when I have a little more time. Your book looks wonderful. Rachaelxx

  5. I've always thought I should put some of the together - like Rachael and Anna I need to sort through the many photos on file here first. I like the idea of having some photobooks on a coffee table to flick through.

  6. I've never done one but you have inspired me Simone! Yours look great :)

    Ang xx

  7. They're a great idea. I have a friend that makes books of her holidays which I think is a lovely idea too. If I was organised I might make onemyself! x

  8. Fantastic, Simone. Yep started some layout work using Aperture software but haven't progressed form there. On the list :)
    PS You got my vote!

  9. Thanks for posting this! I just printed 150 photos and I think from now on I am going to do these instead. I made them for grandparents for their first Christmas as grandparents, but I like the idea of having them at home as coffee table books.

    And the holiday book is a great idea too.

    Right...I'm onto it!!

  10. I love photo books too...it's always something I tell myself I have to sit down and do. You're reminding me that yup I really must do it!!


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