Thursday, May 26, 2011

A gorgeous outdoor area.

I'm loving this outdoor area.
Such a beautiful space.
I think I am drawn to this because of the gorgeous furniture. 
It may be a tad impractical for the outdoors but who cares when it creates such a beautiful picture!
I think I am over this cold weather we are having already!

How about you?
Have you winterfied your outdoor space so you can still use it or are you neglecting it like me?!

Simone xx


  1. Total neglect. It's easier that way :)

  2. Big N for Neglected..apart from an occasional sweep and watering of the plants...Its the area that least inspires me at the moment because of my scatty cat and all her shedding of hair

  3. Our courtyard is getting very neglected, sadly. It does get some sunshine... but it's covered in gum leaves from the huge eucalypts at the back of our property. And it's a little overgrown.
    How I would love an outdoor space like the one in your pic. Just beautiful!

  4. This picture is just gorgeous! It just calls for champagne and canape's. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I put all of our indoor furniture outside for a garden 'champagne' party last year (our sofa and chairs are a bit like that) and it was great. We even took the lamps outside. What a blast. Had to be brought back in before the rain though. Congrats on the top 5 list :)


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