Thursday, April 28, 2011

This week I'm loving......

This week I'm loving blackboard walls!

I have a little narrow one in my kitchen which is so handy for notes, grocery lists etc but I would love a whole wall.

I want to decorate it with quotes and pictures, it would be a real statement!

Also I heard that the trick to keeping blackboards a nice clean black is to wipe it over with cola!
Hmmm, havent tried this yet.  Does anyone know if this works?

What are you loving this week?


  1. Hmm cola? Will that leave it sticky do you think? I do love the look of blackboards but I think the chalk dust would do me in. ;-)

  2. I was thinking that Jenny! I could just see a trail of ants taking up residence there!

  3. Ive heard that first you wipe it with cola then with water. If you use only water it doesn't pick up all the chalk dust but cola does leaving the board black. Have a go! xx

  4. Blackboards are great! Would love to hear how you get on with the cola!

  5. We also have a small one here scrawled with 'coffee, tea & me'... I would love a big one but that white residue the chalk leaves would drive me mad... will try the cola on our little board! gxo

  6. I too love the idea of a whole wall but the chalk dust would drive me to distraction.

    I ended up going with the glass ikea whiteboard so it looks just like your wall, we always get heaps of comments on it.

  7. I've just hung a blackboard in Charlies nursery....will have to try the cola thing

  8. I love that 2nd picture .... I want that one in my house and that table, flowers and light too. I have heard the cola thing but have no idea if it is true.


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