Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Loving this room today.

How cosy does this room look?
I'm loving the light filled room, high celings, that blue wall and that cosy, cosy chair!

Maybe this appeals now there is a little chill in the air at night . I have put a fluffy, minky blanket on Jasper's bed and he said it is so soft it is like sleeping on a cloud.

Who wouldn't want to snuggle on a white, fluffy cloud?


  1. oh my gosh that room is beautiful... the canopy, the chair, the birds, the branch - gorgeous!

  2. Sleeping on a cloud, how gorgeous, I love the room too.x

  3. oh that room is gorgeous. I think it would be awesome if the paint was reversed - the ceiling painted blue, the walls white....oh the fun my girls would have in that space!!
    Romana x

  4. Me too, is that a crochet lamp shade?

  5. soooooo gorgeous!!!!...love everything about it!

  6. This room looks so inviting and beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing it!
    Rambles with Reese

  7. Wow! Any child dreams with a room like that!
    In our Buenos Aires apartments we had great rooms, but the decoration of this one is amazing! Congratulations!

  8. That is beautiful Simone! Well done!!I recently completed decorating my daughter's room, perhaps you'd like to check it out on soulful605.blogspot.com.au!!


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