Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Attracted to sprinkles.

Lately I am attracted to anything with sprinkles on it.
It looks so colourful and extra festive!

I have been known to use sprinkles to cover up any mistakes I have made while baking.

Sprinkles are my friend!
Fairy Bread is always a staple at my kids parties.

How about you?
Do you love Sprinkles?


  1. Love sprinkles and lots of it xx

  2. I have some freckles sitting on our buffet at the moment on a cake plate as decor...not sure how long they will last ;)

  3. Yummo nothing bets some fresh bread with sprinkles. Takes us back to being a kid.

  4. Such a cute post simone!! sprinkles are a fave in my house too!!
    Laura x


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