Monday, February 28, 2011

A closet full of prettiness.

I wish I had a closet full of prettiness.
I am sooooo over all of my clothes but I don't know what "style" I want to adapt.

I like to change it up every now and then.
 It keeps things fresh :)

Plus this weather lately has me confused! Sunny one day, chilly the next.

How about you?
Are you happy with your "look" or are you ready for a change?


  1. Unfortunately my look matches my budget..but I try to create the look I like and spend more money on the handbags, shoes costume jewelery etc..otherwise I would be spending alot more time shopping at all my favourite stores.

  2. Nope... not happy at all. It's hard isn't it... what goes with children, running a household and mudboots? Oh for some femininity... love the picture. gxo

  3. I am SO ready for a change .... I think the change I need is colour. I am stuck in the jeans, thongs and long tshirt rut. Time to jazz it up a bit I think!!

  4. I think I am ready for winter over this rain and I love wearing comfy jeans, boring I know, but very practical

  5. I totally know how you feel Simone! I got so used to wearing comfortable clothes (and whatever still fit) whilst I was pregnant with Allegra that now post pregnancy I am struggling to know what style to shop for! I am feeling a little of of touch with fashion!

  6. As far as overall style, my look has been pretty consistent for decades--simple shapes, solid colors, bold accessories, with the occasional wild pattern, furry faux and sexy shoes thrown in to liven things up. Oh, and always a touch of leopard or zebra in the mix.

    The challenge, though, is to keep that look fresh each season ... and given the cold dreary weather of the Northeastern U.S. I've pretty much been living in polar fleece loungewear. So yes, I need a fresh infusion of fashion!


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