Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A cafe at Alfresco Emporium

I went for a browse at Alfresco Emporium at Collaroy the other day.
It was all set up for Christmas and the place was buzzing! I have never seen it so busy and it was a Monday!

Lots of beautiful things there as always.

But the most exciting bit. A new Cafe!
Somewhere to grab a sandwich or a delicious cake or coffee. They even do a High Tea.

The smell of the coffee and baked goods are soooo good when you walk in and the cafe is the perfect addition to the rest of the store.
I love having everything in the one place!

You should definitely try it if you are in the area :)


  1. Looks little nooks like this that deli board looks yummo :)x

  2. seriously one of my fav shops - now its even better! & anna you are right that little ploughmans lunch thing looks yummo!

  3. That looks like a lovely place to visit :)

  4. Home wares, books, coffee and delicious food how could it not be a fabulous place to visit.
    Next visit to Sydney and Collaroy here I come!

  5. Maybe I can leave hubby in the creche.. oh I mean Cafe! hehe Thanks for posting. XX Samie

  6. That cafe looks great - especially the vanilla slice in the last shot :)

  7. yuuuum, I've been wanting to drive up there for a while as whenever we're nearby I have all the kids in the car which spells disaster!

    looks perfect in there!


  8. hi simone, oooh, that yummy chocolate piece in the last shot has my tummy rumbling!!! Looks like a gorgeous place to visit. Just catching up on your last few posts and saw you tagged me!!! oh no!! secrets!!!!! thats funny, i will have to think about that one!! (ie. think about what secrets i will tell!!!! I loved reading all of yours! (all the tag game answers!!)
    thanks for choosing me - i do like the tag games and its fun to share little bits about your real self!!!!
    have a fabulous week!
    hugs, laura xx


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