Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Decorating with books.

I've been decorating with my coffee table books lately.

It's nice to have them out and on display.

They add a bit of colour to the room and are great to flick through.

So do you have your coffee table books out or away in a cupboard or bookcase?

I have never been a fan of having all of my books on display. I just like the shiny, glossy ones, but these pictures below are changing my mind!

via bazaar of serendipity

via bazaar of serendipity

What is your favourite coffee table book?
Mine is usually my latest one, or the one I want to get!


  1. Your books look great displayed in your home Simone! At the moment I can't display them as much as I used to otherwise little fingers get to them and rip the dust jackets etc. My current fav book is 'Cool spaces for kids' so many beautiful ideas!

  2. looks like you have a great collection of books, me on the other hand, not so much. that furry chair in your first inspiration photo is off the hook!

  3. There are books galore on my coffee table. I think they are a wonderful addition to any surface!

  4. I used to have mine on display but now they're up high out of Grace's reach. When she's over that stage, I'd love to have them on show again. My favourite is a little book I have called 'Life's Little Pleasures: A Perfect Day'. I see you have the book 'Room For Children' which I noticed in the latest Real Living magazine - is it a good book that you'd recommend? Also on my current wishlist is the Domino book. We have visions here of having some built in cabinets with bookshelves above on either side of our fireplace eventually where knick-knacks and books can be displayed.

  5. Lovely displays Simone. Mine are usually cookbooks, with the latest purchase being 'Your Place or Mine' by Gary Mehigan and George Colombaris (saw them at the Good Food and Wine
    Show a couple of weeks ago and had them autograph it - great guys). My long awaited painting of my bookcase which displays our novels is soon to be completed - keep a look out - and hope you like it.
    Rebecca x

  6. I can understand putting the books away from little fingers, sometimes I will find Jasper flicking through them and think to myself "careful"! I can definately recommend the Rooms for Children book Amanda. Gorgeous pictures and lots of inspiration. I was a little disappointed in the Domino book, I was probably expecting a bit much but still some great ideas :)

  7. They look great out on display!
    sadly i cannot have any books out as my Mr 2 loves to rip books.


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