Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our favourite "easy" dinner

So on those nights that we don't really want to spend too much time making dinner, homemade pizzas are our go to meal.
So simple, quick and the perfect way to use up whats in the fridge!
We use a wholemeal lavash bread for a healthy, thin base, a scrape of tomato paste, various toppings and cheese. Pop it onto our electric pizza stone and voila, in 3 mins we have a delicious pizza. So much quicker and healthier than a takeaway.

The kids love to create their own pizza and I am just happy that we actually use the pizza stone!
It was one of those items that Simon had to have. I thought we would use it once or twice then it would be abandoned in the cupboard with the long forgotten bread maker, juicer, .........
 ( you get the picture!)

So what is your favourite easy dinner?

Have a great day


  1. My easy peasy meal is spaghetti carbonara or spaghetti bolognese. I do cheat with the bolognese though and use the Paul Newman jar of sauce - but no one complains! ;-)

  2. Homemade pizzas are also my standard easy meal. I make them on lebanese bread base and they are deeeeeeeeeelish! Yum, you've got me hungry already and it's only 9something! Have a lovely day Simone,

  3. i need to start making homemade pizza, you make it sound like a wiz!

  4. Ooh, Simone, that might just be the inspiration I needed for tonight's dinner! It's one of our trusty old standbys as well. So tell us more about this 'electric pizza stone'! J x

  5. We love our homemade pizzas too - your pizza stone sounds interesting - I just have one that you pop in the oven on a VERY high heat :) My quick meal is spaghetti carbonara which I whipped up Saturday night when I realised I hadn't even thought about what we were having for tea :)

  6. The pizza stone is electric and made by Breville. It has a stone base and a lid and it makes delicious, crispy pizzas! :)

  7. That looks like a really tasty pizza!!!

  8. Yum! I love homemade pizzas here too!!
    Our quick 'whip meal' is gluten free bacon & mushroom pasta, oven baked lamb chops or vegetable fritata :)
    {hmmm...I'm thinking of getting a pizza stone now!}

  9. Ooh, these all look so delicious Simone! It is only breakfast time, but I could easily eat one of these:) Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Thursday ~ Tina x

  10. I'm coming for dinner!! Delicious X

  11. Oh my, it's lunchtime and all I want now is pizza. These look delish!!


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