Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maybe just a bite?

I have cut down my carb consumption in the last couple of weeks as it was making me feel a little bit sluggish.
 But I have to admit this picture is sooooo tempting.
I would have to add a scraping of butter of course!!

Are you denying yourself anything lately?


  1. oh so tempting........i love love bread it is one of my weakness's and yup can't go past the butter, i've been trying not to have sugar in my coffee and no sugar on cereal, have a great day simone xox

  2. OH I don't think I could hold myself back!


  3. yep, definitely could not resist that!

  4. I just think carbs & being a 30 something girl is an evil combination. That bread truck, oh, imagine how it smells, yummo!! Love Posie

  5. I love bread!! especially the smell of freshly baked :)


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