Friday, July 9, 2010

Rainy day - Donna Hay

Well it's the school holidays and one of the go to activities when you have to stay inside is baking a cake or cookies.  Sometimes the effort to clean up takes more time than the actual baking!

We are making some Donna Hay brownies today.

I love Donna Hay. I find her recipes so tasty but so simple.

 I love her magazine and so I had to check out her Woollahra store.  It is a very cute idea of an old general store selling beautiful homewares, packaged cake/cookie mixes and a few other items.

Here are some pictures of her store.

dont you love the paper straws?

every shade of cupcake holder

beautiful displays

a baby eames

a pretty birdhouse

You can also purchase a coffee and something yummy while you're there.

When I went there , I had an overtired toddler in tow. I must go again!

I hope you have a delicious day

images from Not Quite Nigella, decor8, bondville


  1. Oh wow, what a great store!! And I think I can smell those homemade brownies from here....I am talented that way!!

    Thanks for the comment today, you made me smile :)

    Have a great week-end Simone :)

  2. Id kill to be at home baking right now & not at work drenched from walking from the car! Eat a brownie for me!
    sal x

  3. Enjoy your brownies Simone. We have made her pre-packaged brownies and chunky choc chip cookies and they were divine! The packaging was gorgeous too :) ~ Tina x

  4. Have fun making those brownies! I love Donna Hay recipes too - I'd love to visit her store some day. I sympathise with the shopping with an overtired toddler! x

  5. The store looks great. I actually ordered some things including the paper straws, today. Can't wait for them to arrive.

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  6. What a lovely store.. I can smell... *sigh* and taste the brownies..

    Loved the little birdie house.. very cute!

  7. I do that too..have a toddler and little girl in tow and promise myself I'll go back without them! I wasn't aware that she has a does look beautiful..Rachaelxx

  8. Donna Hay is a master at cooking and styling.
    The brownies were delicious. Hubby had his warm with a choc/orange sauce he whipped up!

    Rachael, I thought I could bribe him with a cupcake or something but he was past it! :)


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