Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another glimpse of my home!

Ok, so here is more of my home.

Still wintery, still red. Seriously getting over the cosiness. I am looking forward to opening the doors and windows and bringing in some spring colours.

This is the overall view of our lounge / dining room. 
As you can see it is very open plan. 
This photo was taken by me as I was standing on the edge of the other lounge!
Although you can't tell from these pictures our home is usually very light and airy. It was a very grey day!

Our lounge room. The lounges from Freedom, again chosen for durability and to hide marks.
Coffee table and tv unit from Freedom ( I used to work there and couldnt resist the staff discount!)

Floor lamp from guess where ? Freedom! Cushions from Adairs. Noughts and Crosses set from Jedo's. Eiffel tower a pressie from hubbie and my hanging driftwood was another present from my wonderful hubby. So nice to have a husband who loves to browse in homeware stores! Rug from a warehouse in Balgowlah and the frames on the wall are from a $2 shop with wrapping paper inside.
 Letters on the wall from Typo.

A closer look

Our bathroom, pretty basic, very neutral. Mirror from Freedom.

Another angle, our ensuite is the same, minus bath & duck!

This is a wall as you head out to the front door. The table is off to one side as it is next to some built in cupboards that we hide our computer in. Notice the chip in the table from careless opening of the door!

The mirrored table was a present from my mum.
A few of my books, vase from my mother in law, flowers from the neighbour to say sorry for breaking our window (!), clocks from a $2 shop, (the times are not correct as I took the batteries out, the ticking was driving me crazy, so loud!!), felt letters from Pulp.

So there you have it, another little glimpse of my home.
Have a gorgeous day


  1. Love it Simone, you've got great style. I've been thinking of putting three clocks up in our kitchen, Sydney, J'burg, NY and I love how you've done the letters yourself... might have to steal your idea if you don't mind :) Have a gorgeous day too hun.

  2. Your home is LOVELY Simone! I love so many things you've done, several of which are ideas in my inspiration folder like the three clocks and the noughts and crosses on the table. I love your lounge (gorgeous buffet cabinet) and think your quote on the wall complete with birdie decal is fabulous!! Love the driftwood hanging too. Your bathroom is light and bright (love the window treatments) and that mirrored table in your entryway is stunning. Please share more of your gorgeous home with us all!! Have a wonderful day xx

  3. You have a gorgeous house Simone. Thank you for sharing it with us. I love the wall quote and your Eiffel tower, my hubby bought me one too for Christmas. I am looking forward to seeing more. xx

  4. Such lovely spaces Simone, and you have to love Freedom! I love the mirror in the bathroom...it's beautiful. A friend of mine in Canada has three clocks like that as well. One for her and hubby and one each for children living in other parts of the world. You made me laugh about the ticking. My alarm clock is like that...I'm going to have to chuck it!!

  5. Hi simone, Love your photos, what a beautiful home! I have passed an award to you if you get a chance to visit my blog..
    Have a wonderful day,

  6. Simone, your home is stunning! It looks like it should be in a magazine! All the pics are beautiful! I really love your mirrored table! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics of your home. Happy Tuesday to you ~ Tina xx

  7. Stunning, stunning stunning!!
    B x

  8. Simone...just gorgeous..and so spotless..puts my housework skills to shame... love your 3 clocks on the wall following Paris NY and London time..a gorgeous touch...thanks so much for sharing x

  9. Lots of great ideas in your warm and vibrant home. I know the feeling of wanting to throw the doors open.....come on Spring!
    X Briohny.

  10. hey simone thanks for your post........wow i love your mirror and mirrored table, good style.....i'm a newbie to your blog also love it lisa

  11. Simone, your home is just gorgeous! I know what you mean about throwing the doors open, although with 24 here today I did have one side of my bi-folds in the lounge open. Hope your having a great week. Michelle

  12. Love your home Simone, i have a few things from Freedom myself... I love your vanity mirror & Im very envious of a husband that even sets foot in a homewares store, mine does hardware & fishing, LOL. Great post!!!

  13. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Our home is constantly changing as I have a new idea and then have to change everything to fit it in!

  14. i really like the openness of you house. i can tell it is very airy and light with all those gorgeous windows. i love your console table and the ghost chairs.

  15. Your home is gorgeous!! I love the words in the living room and how you have different clocks for different time zones. I love the touches of red here and there. It's just a great space!!

  16. Oh wow your house is amazing! All those windows out by your patio are amazing! Love! I really like all your time zone clocks too!!!!


  17. Hi Simone, thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us. You have lovely style and I really love that little mirror table - what a good Mum to buy that for you! Looks like your outdoor area is just as fantastic. Definite magazine shots! Have a great week.

  18. Your house is so amazingly beautiful Simone! Love it! xo


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