Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chandeliers - the finishing touch!

What is it about chandeliers that make every room better?

 They are so glamourous and beautiful. I have 2 at home, one over the dining room and one in the bedroom.

I would love one in the bathroom but maybe over kill?

Have a glamourous day!


  1. OOOHHH i lovvve molly sima apartment!
    Simone you should show us some pictures of your place! Thnaks for the nice comment on my post this morning too! Just hoping i dont need a stiff drink before my speech tomorrow! Where in sydney are you - i suspect we are close by from your manly pictures the other day!
    sal x

  2. A little sparkle in every room always works ; ) x

  3. That is so funny Sal! I put up that post before I read your comment! We must be on the same wavelength:) I live in Beacon Hill, how about you? Xx

  4. A little sparkle indeed lights up the room but there are expensive ones. But there are classic and elegant that one can afford too.

    Please visit me at murano glass


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